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Image by Scott Anderson


Modern Edge Dance Company shares a love for dance that enriches the lives of students and the those they touch within and beyond the studio.

Mission Statement

 Modern Edge Dance Company is a Modern-based dance studio where foundational elements of curriculum, choreography, and experiences are rooted in the Modern style. While Modern is at the core, our highly qualified and passionate faculty provide remarkable dance education in a variety of styles. Through a healthy, supportive, and compassionate environment, our students are empowered to know their worth, develop a strong work ethic, and build confidence.  


Artistry- Creativity is the core of any art form- but especially dance. At Modern Edge Dance Company, we value the creativity and innovation that informs artistry. We believe in pushing the boundaries of artistry to provide original and unique performance art.

Collaboration- We deeply value and encourage connection and collaboration between dancers, faculty, and families both in and out of the studio. We believe in providing students a strong foundation of support and compassion.

Empowerment- We believe in empowering and encouraging our students to be independent, confident individuals that know their worth.  

Inspiration- We work to inspire our students to be creative and innovative dancers, as well as kind and compassionate people.

Inclusion- Dance is for everyone! No matter your age, background, or abilities, dance is accessible to you at Modern Edge Dance Company.

Resilience- Our dancers learn to be resilient human beings that persevere through tough situations. Our students are equipped to solve problems and develop a strong work ethic.

Artistry - Collaboration - Empowerment - Inspiration - Inclusion - Resilience

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